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Helllllooooo, show! You’ve probably said buh-bye to buttoning your jeans. Add a couple pairs of pants that have built-in room for that undeniable baby bump, and a few work-friendly choices to keep you moving and shaking.

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These are your maternity must-haves for your brand-new belly.

Mama Denim Jacket™

Mama Denim Jacket™


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Sleeveless Shirred Maternity Tank Dress

Sleeveless Shirred Maternity Tank Dress

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Adjustable Waist Ponte Knit Maternity Blazer

Adjustable Waist Ponte Knit Maternity Blazer

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Pregnant in a Pandemic

May 19, 2020 | Health

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Sharing personal stories from mothers just like you, who are navigating pregnancy during this uncertain and fearful time.

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Must-Know Labor Tips for Your Partner

Jun 11, 2020

Must-Know Labor Tips for Your Partner

By Liesel Teen, L&D RN

Prepping your birth ‘tool kit’ is an important step as your due date draws near. Becoming informed and educated about birth is one of the best steps you can take towards a more positive birth experience.

By doing things like reading pregnancy blogs and articles about birth (like this one!), spending time on pregnancy forums, and (hopefully!) taking a birth class, you’re doing so much to erase the unknowns surrounding birth.

One important aspect of your birth tool kit not to overlook? A well prepared partner!

Your support person can do SO much to help you have a more positive birth experience. That’s why I’m so excited to be here today to talk to y’all about preparing your partner for the birth!

I’m Liesel, an L&D nurse and the face behind Mommy Labor Nurse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed partners feeling frustrated and helpless while their loved one endures the intensity of labor. I always do my best to give them tips in the moment, but YOU can help your support person prepare now.

I’m a big fan of getting partners involved in labor to help mom. Don’t let them be the helpless partner––show them that there’s actually a LOT they can do to help. Here are my top tips!

1. Learn how to apply counter pressure

One of the most effective and hands-on things your partner can do to support you in labor is applying counter pressure during a contraction. This is a totally natural pain intervention that so many mamas respond positively to. It can be especially helpful during back labor but is a good technique for everyone!

The idea is to apply firm, intense pressure to the sides of mom’s hips or the small of her back during a contraction. The counter pressure can do a LOT to relieve some of the contraction pain. When the pressure is hard and constant against mom’s hips it can also help fan out her hips just slightly and encourage cervical dilation. This one is a serious winner!

Have your partner practice the move ahead of time to get the positioning right and get the awkwardness of the angle out of the way. Mama can sit on a chair backwards, be on all fours, or drape over a yoga ball.

2. Remind mom to relax

The reminder to relax during the peak of a contraction can be powerful during labor. It’s said that the muscles around your mouth and the muscles within your vagina are oddly connected!

Ina May Gaskin, the famous midwife and natural birth advocate, recommends focusing on a relaxed jaw during contracts to encourage cervical dilation, and she’s definitely on to something. So have your partner remind you to relax (which, trust me, may feel impossible) because it WILL help.

Keeping a relaxed mouth is actually one of my top 25 tips for a natural birth, be sure to check out the rest!

3. Help with changing positions

As your labor progresses, it can get pretty dang hard to change positions, especially once you hit transition! For example, going from standing over the side of the delivery table to all fours on the table as the urge to push begins can be nearly impossible without support. Make sure your partner is aware of this ahead of time so they can help out and even suggest positional changes.

This goes for any time during labor, too! Your partner can be a big help by suggesting changes or reminding you of other positions and options throughout your labor to help you progress. Sometimes mamas get stuck in their own heads and can’t be proactive about finding a means of comfort or making a change.

There are so many different positions you can do solo or with your partner. Learn about the best laboring positions to prepare together!

4. Keep the positive affirmations coming

Birth affirmations, in any shape or form, are an excellent tool for birth and a great way for your partner to feel like they are doing something. Sure, they’re nice to hear, but they can actually help you progress in labor too. Yes, seriously!

When someone tells you that you’re doing a great job, you get that “feel-good-feeling”, am I right? Well, that feeling is caused by oxytocin. And oxytocin is the SAME hormone that’s responsible for making you contract and progress further during labor. YES!

5. Prepare to back mama up

Another great way for your partner to support you is through advocacy! Make sure your partner knows your wishes and desires for your birth so that they can prepare to back you up. They can help ask questions, ask for clarification, get more support if you need it, and request space (when it’s medically safe).

One thing that I notice about mamas who have positive birth experiences in my unit? They have a super support person on their team. Your partner can be that person for you!

6. Most of all, follow mom’s lead

These labor tips for your partner will help them approach your birth with greater confidence and a sense of purpose. No partner wants to feel helpless as they watch their loved one go through labor. They need empowerment and education too!

But it’s important for your partner to always follow your lead. Everyone responds to labor interventions differently, and it will be most important for your support person to tune into you. They’ll need to pick up on your non-verbal cues and recognize what’s working best for mom. Then they can either keep doing that or make a change as needed.

Remember, no two labors are the same, and no two mamas respond to the same exact pain interventions. Reminders to relax, advocacy, trust and positivity are all essential components to the support that will give you a better birth.

Liesel Teen is a labor and delivery nurse (L&D RN), mama, the face behind the popular pregnancy Instagram page @mommy.labornurse and creator of the online childbirth class, Birth It Up. Birth is something she’s been passionate about for as long as she can remember, and she loves sharing her nursing knowledge to help mamas-to-be learn more about pregnancy and birth. She lives in North Carolina and is expecting her second baby in August 2020.

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The Pregnancy Foods You Should (and Shouldn’t!) Be Eating

Jul 28, 2019 | Health

The Pregnancy Foods You Should (and Shouldn’t!) Be Eating

Between cravings and aversions, it might be hard to find out what's on the “what not to eat” list now that you're pregnant. Here's a guide to help you eat healthily and thrive all 9 months long.

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How to Document your Growing Baby Bump

Jul 28, 2019 | Social

How to Document your Growing Baby Bump

Documenting your growing bump can be a wonderful way to slow down and appreciate the magic that your body is making! Here are a few things to think about before you start your series, but most important: have fun.

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What Kind of Childcare is Right for You?

Sep 10, 2018 | Preparedness

What Kind of Childcare is Right for You?

There can be so many mixed emotions when headed back to work after babe. So, how do you pick the childcare option that's right for you?

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8 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

Jul 28, 2019 | Preparedness

8 Tips for Choosing a Baby Name

What's in a name? Well Mama, read on to find out. Here's a checklist to help you pick out the perfect name for your baby.

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Maternity Must-Haves from Just Pregnant to Motherhood

Jul 28, 2019 | What To Wear

Maternity Must-Haves from Just Pregnant to Motherhood

While assessing wardrobe requirements on a month-by-month (or week-by-week!) basis is fun for some, you may just want to stock up on all your maternity style needs now, in a single swoop, and know you’re good to go for the months (and growth) to come. We’ve curated this simple list that will get you through your entire journey, from that first belly pop to holding that babe in your arms. Of course you may find you want a little something extra when it’s time to pack for your babymoon, or if you need some additional work attire, but these are the go-to pieces that will cover just about every need you’ll have during the next nine-plus months into motherhood. Consider it an all-encompassing kit for looking cute and feeling comfy throughout your pregnancy.


You won’t want to go through pregnancy without it! This maternity style superstar will help keep you in your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans for months to come. Click to Shop!


If the Bellaband® is your prized possession during pregnancy (it will be!), the Afterband® is the new mom equivalent. It’s designed especially for postpartum use—soft and stretchy with just the right amount of snug. Use it to make your pre-pregnancy and maternity pants fit, for extra coverage while breastfeeding in public, and for super comfortable compression as your belly recovers. Click to Shop!

Seamless Cami

This supersoft basic will comfortably stretch as your belly grows, so you can use it for layering throughout your pregnancy. Click to Shop!

Seamless Drop Cup Pullover Nursing Bra

Our drop cup pullover bra offers awesome and comfy maternity support, plus you’ll be able to wear it right on into motherhood for the wild ride that is breastfeeding. 
Click to Shop!

Essential Tees Set

This essentials set is a basics jackpot. These three buttery soft tees—a tank, a short-sleeve V-neck, and a long-sleeve scoop neck—will cover your casual everyday needs. Click to Shop!

Cross Front Jumpsuit

This might just be the most versatile piece in your maternity wardrobe—dress it up for work, events, and a romantic date night, or pair it with sneakers and a sweater for everyday errands. You’ll especially love the flattering cross front neckline for ease of breastfeeding and/or pumping. Click to Shop!

Pleated Tank Dress

Side pleats make this dress a perfect fit through every stage of pregnancy, and it’s just the basic you need for dressing up or down, on workdays or weekends. Click to Shop!

Distressed Maternity Skinny Jeans with Crossover Panel

A pair of skinny jeans are a maternity must, and this pair’s got the perfect wash plus our patented Crossover Panel, which feels so good on a growing belly (and even supports your lower back). Click to Shop!

Seamless Maternity + Nursing Sports Bra

Our seamless sports bra is the perfect activewear foundation. It’ll support you through all your prenatal activities, and you’ll love its nursing functionality post-pregnancy too. 
Click to Shop!

Active Knee Pant with Crossover Panel

These are the bottoms you’ll practically live in. Stretchy but opaque, these pants will get you through yoga and your errands. The Crossover Panel is just icing on the comfort cake. Click to Shop! 

Cozy Wrap

You’ll want to be cozy throughout your pregnancy, and even moreso after baby arrives—this wrap is the perfect fit no matter your belly size, and its snuggle factor is through the roof. Click to Shop!

Flutter Sleeve Knit Wrap Maternity Maxi Dress

You need a shower-worthy dress and this one will make you feel flawless—flutter sleeves, an adjustable tie-waist, plus maxi length with maximum movement. Click to Shop!

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Step Three: Enhance (Then Pass On)

Jul 30, 2019 | What To Wear

Step Three: Enhance (Then Pass On)

You might be an expert at canvassing and collecting (good job! And more on CCE here), but you’ve still probably got a few needs in your maternity wardrobe. Here’s where the enhance part comes in. Take a look at what you have, what you “found” (thanks friends!), and make a note of additional items you can get to fill in any holes for the nine months of pregnancy (and those first few months afterward).


We’ve got some suggestions, depending on the size of your belly, and the needs that go along with it. But here’s a sampling to get you started.

Bellaband®: If you buy only one maternity-related thing, it should probably be a Bellaband®. Here’s why.

Babymoon pieces: With all the items you already have and then collected, it leaves a little flexibility for getting a babymoon piece or two that will make your last couple’s-only vacay even more cute and comfortable.

Baby shower look: Your baby shower is the one day where it’s extra important to feel like your best self, wearing your best possible outfit, so you don’t have to worry about tugging or pulling or feeling self-conscious and you can instead focus on soaking up all the love and support for you and your coming babe.

Work wear: Even if you’ve got a couple of work-friendly pieces on hand, considering how much time you spend at work, you’ll probably need a couple more. We got you. 

Activewear: With the sweating you do during prenatal yoga, and the regularity with which you’ll need a nice pair of leggings, adding some activewear (especially with the support of our Crossover Panel) is a good move.   

Nursing: With leakage, and spit up, and diaper disasters, you can truly never have enough nursing bras, tanks, and camis. Adding one or two will save you some laundry days.


The Very last step, after you are done with all of your maternity clothes: Pass-On. Consider it the “pay it forward” part, where you can thank the mamas who gave you items, by giving yours to the next pregnant friend in your social circle (once you’re done with them, of course!). This works especially well when it comes to Ingrid & Isabel pieces—these are quality items made to last for probably a lot longer than you’ll want to wear them (and we’re taking the postpartum period into account as well). So hang on to your items, and pass them on to a mama-to-be! What goes around comes around, in the best possible way.

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Curating a Bump-Friendly Closet: Pants for Every Need

Nov 28, 2018 | collection:pants-leggings-skirts | What To Wear

Curating a Bump-Friendly Closet: Pants for Every Need

For any occasion, we've hand selected the perfect pants for comfort, style and functionality during and after your pregnancy. Get shopping, Mama!

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